Where Are The Politicians Of Yesteryear?

Keating! at BelvoirWhat a joy, coming home to an election. This time round it’s a battle of two novices (neither Gillard nor Abbott have led their parties to a contest), who have a gift for speaking a lot but not saying anything: Gillard’s “moving forward” just needs the Kang/Kodos’ addendum of “and forever twirling, twirling towards freedom!” while Abbott has been honest enough to tell everyone that we shouldn’t trust a word he says, perhaps making this the election Joseph Heller would have scripted.

The pages of newsprint and hours of coverage devoted to two parties who are saying next to nothing and presenting no positive vision for the country, well it makes me yearn for the good ol’ days of recalcitrant scumbags, no children in poverty, and huge bushy eyebrows. Clearly I’m not the only one. The Hawke biopic got a huge buzz and was well watched (not by me though – imagining Bob and Blanche at it is something I can live without). But if you want some real entertainment, and want to remember when our politicians had character, instead of being caricatures, catch Keating! (the musical we had to have) on ABC2 tonight. I’ve seen it live thrice, and it’s sad to think that now Howard is gone from parliament, it will probably never be staged again… nevertheless I’m still dreaming of that light on the hill.

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