Deus Swap Meet: Bike Bits & Bargains

Bikes, parts, and clothes were on offerSaturday’s swap meet at Deus was just too tempting for me, and although I swore I was only going to have a look, I left with my pockets severely lightened. The event had a great atmosphere attracting bike obsessives and casual perusers alike. As well as the promised market of peoples’ spare frames and parts, retailers like Clarence St Cyclery also had a stand selling off marked down stock, and Deus themselves were hocking a whole bunch of last seasons clothing range. In the street they were also discounting their real product – custom built motorbikes. But most onlookers were more interested in the fixie riders performing stunts.

In the yard, the real crowd pleaser was definitely the roller-race set up. Pairs of riders were pitted against each other in a 500m sprint on the fuji track bikes. The crowd really got into it – even though you’re essentially watching two dials move around on a screen, it’s surprisingly gripping. The roller racing revival is alive and well in London, could it take off in Sydney too?

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