Cabaret. So Hot Right Now.

Everything old is new again. Thanks to a performer friend in London, I was introduced to its cabaret and burlesque scene and enjoyed seeing everything from tassle wearing beauties to an accordion-playing alien performing ‘Creep’. It’s debaucherous, ridiculous fun, and when done well, has a satirical bite to it that makes you stop and think while ogling/laughing.

It seems it’s all happening here in Sydney too. The Sydney Opera House is even getting in on the act – their house cabaret season seems a bit more upmarket (and tamer) than the London version, but Tim Rogers’ show on the seven deadly sins sounds, dare I say it… tempting. The SOH clearly won’t be offering the same ‘swinging-from-the-chandeliers’ vibe of say, the Boom Boom Club, but it should be fun.

Tim Rogers plays the Opera House Studio July 28-3, with other acts on the House Cabaret lineup continuing into August. Ticket prices vary.

Is cabaret in Sydney alive and well? Or is this a one-off? If you know of other cabaret venues/clubs/acts, let me know in the comments!

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