Sydney Design Festival: Bike Rack As Art

The Sydney Design festival runs from July 31 to August 15 covering a range of events all across town. Over the next few days I’ll be poring over the programme and picking out the events that are bike-related, or just plain fun. For more info see or follow @syddes.

Not so much an event, more of a competition. As part of the design festival Sydney’s powerhouse museum is calling for novel ideas and designs for bike racks, which will be produced and installed on bike networks along the Parramatta, Georges and Nepean rivers. I think this is a brilliant idea – something similar was run in New York, and the range of storage and locking devices on display at the London Cycle show last year was astounding. The competition should be a great way to add something artistic and cycle-friendly to Sydney’s street furniture. I’ve got (read: stolen from the links above) a few ideas and might even get around to entering myself…

Register your interest for the competition at and get designing!

    • Emma
    • August 9th, 2010

    Insert encouraging words that bolster confidence that someone is reading your blog here.

    PS Glad you’re back in blog-land!



  1. “Generic polite response to encourage feedback.”

    Why am I writing more about the design festival than you are, designer-lady?


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