Ride To Work Day, Hyde Park

Today is Ride To Work Day – did you? If you did, and you work in the CBD, then hopefully you enjoyed the free breakfast and various stalls at Hyde Park this morning. Our Lord who art in Mayordom (Clover be thy name) was there, doing her bit for the new cycleways – you can now ride all the way from the Harbour Bridge to the Anzac Bridge on bright green paint. But watch out, that green stuff (when freshly laid down) can be slippery in the wet!

The Hyde Park event was a nice excuse to share a bit of the bike love, although the comments here show that it can also act as a target for the anti-cycling crowd. Something particularly handy at today’s event was the presence of free mechanical checks and physios to assist newer riders in making sure their bike is running ok, and fitted properly for them. Having spent a while riding an undersized, poorly-tuned, second-hand bike (thankfully some bike thieves eventually took it off my hands), I know a tune up and tips on riding position can go a long way in helping someone keep riding, rather than dumping the bike back in the garage.

Coming in via Pyrmont, it was nice to see local businesses piggy-backing on the event and seeing the cycleways as a positive (in stark contrast to the class-less naysayer opposing the Bourke St cycleway) with the local cafes banding together and passing out vouchers for a free coffee to the cyclists, encouraging them to stop in for a drink before heading to the office. Nice touch.

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