Sculpture By The Sea: C-

In this year’s incarnation another bunch of artists shoot a load of their creative juices over the Bondi to Tamarama coastline… in more ways than one. I may have zero education or training in art appreciation, but I won some stickers at a Dr Sketchy event once, so my opinion carries some weight: most of the pieces seem less like art, and more like illegal dumping of junk from the artist’s garage. Thankfully all the ‘pieces’-cum-middens have little cards with numbers to point out that what you are looking at is indeed art. I was sorely tempted to move one of the cards and place it next to a workout station, which to be frank, was more aesthetically pleasing. And let’s be honest, if you or I put music playing motion sensors on our property, the council would tear it down in a matter of days.

Still, some of the pieces do add a certain whimsy, and others a sense of humour. But the majority seem to be making up the numbers. Thankfully the view of the ocean is always there if you need something inspiring to look at. And if you go at dusk, you might get a guy playing classical guitar on the clifftop next to the big head.

At the end of the day, it’s a good excuse to go and enjoy one of the best strolls in the world, and will no doubt spark discussion, but it would be nice if future editions didn’t have so many (land) filler pieces.

Sculpture by the Sea litters the Bondi coastal walk until Nov 14. Or you can stay at home and view it via the flickr group.

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