International Cycling! In Sydney!

Billed as “some of the world’s best cycling stars” The Age can only muster up “Simon Gerrans and local stars Chris Sutton and Rochelle Gilmore” as highlights. No offence to the organisers or competitors, but this aint no Tour Down Under with a Lance Armstrong last-time-ever-until-the-next-time-I-make-a-comeback appearance is it?

But if you don’t feel like a trip to Adelaide, then you can get your shiny carbon bike fix right here in Sydney. Well, not right in the centre of Sydney, but in Bathurst (Dec 8th), Parramatta (9th), Gosford (10th), and like everyone else, heading to the beach on the weekend, Coogee on the 11th, Cronulla on the 12th.

It’s a shame they won’t be riding in the centre of Sydney… I mean, what a great advertisement it would be for Clover’s cycleways! Imagine the peloton zooming down the Bourke St bike lane, picking up foodbags from hipster cafes! Or a breakaway forming as the leaders accelerate away from the 10km/h zone of Pyrmont bridge, and only the first two riders get through the perfectly mis-timed set of lights as you head up King St!

Jokes aside, catch some racing action at a location near you (if you’re lucky) this week and weekend. It’s free!

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