Got A Great Sydney Bike Route? Tell The RTA NOW!

Carts. Horses. Swings. Roundabouts. The new cycleways are already built, so it seems as good a time as any for some ‘community input’ into where people actually ride. The RTA is seeking advice on where Sydney’s cyclists actually ride: the secret back alleys and byways that you use to avoid cars, traffic lights and hills. They also want to know about cycling hazards that make certain routes unrideable (my pet gripe: the Victoria Road ‘cycle path’ on the shared footpath is a great idea to get cyclists off the road, but all the bus shelters take up so much space you can’t ride past them).

The information gathered will be used:

• To be included in the underlying dataset for an online bike trip-planning facility offered through the Transport Info 131500 website

• To inform the development of longer-term online solutions for the NSW government to get feedback from cyclists

• To help road authorities, including local councils, with identifying missing links and hazards

You can post your info by drawing on an online map, or uploading a trip from your bike computer to the mybikeroute website. If that’s too technical you can simply email/fax/post it in. But be quick, apparently the 10-week trial closes on December 22.

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