30daysofbiking Days 7-8 Almost Failed

View from West Head, with some kind, strange bikes

Well, I almost failed within the first week. But as the cast of Oh, Streetcar! sing: “You can always depend on the kindness of strangers.”

With an Easter weekend trip to Pittwater, to a destination without roads, let alone bikes, I thought I might have to result to changing the challenge to 30daysofbikingorhiking, until we did our bush walk out to West Head (a popular destination for a ride, if you come along the road, instead of the dirt track we were travelling on). Like a deranged madman, I approached a woman and her son who had cycled in and asked if I could ride her bike briefly. Amazingly, she said yes, and I was able to make a token turn of the crank to tick off my ride for the day.

Getting my ride in on Easter Sunday was even dodgier, with a surreptitious ride taken on a bike a kid had left lying out on the public grass way overnight. I put it back, I promise!

What's that little blue square at the bottom?

Thanks to all the bush walking, I discovered that, contrary to my understanding, biking isn’t completely outlawed in this part of Kuringai National Park, so maybe next time I’ll come by bike, instead of boat.

  1. June 22nd, 2012

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