30daysofbiking Day 14 Sydney’s Best Harbour Beaches by Bike



On a Saturday morning ride along the harbour out to Vaucluse, I decided to snap a photo at the best harbour swimming spots en route. 

Redleaf Pool (map) Facilities: Shark net, pontoon, cafe

Fun fact: some friends and I once shot a short Bond spoof here. I played the girl.

That's someone else's bike

Rose Bay

Rose Bay (map) Facilities: Kayak hire, marina, restaurants (floating and otherwise), seaplanes, ferry wharf.

Fun Fact: I hired one of those kayaks, paddled out to Shark Island, landed illegally and got a shark’s tooth embedded in my foot. Sometimes you should heed the name.


Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park (map) Facilities: Shark net, cafe, various venues for functions

Fun Fact: A family friend used to be the ranger here (it’s part of Sydney Harbour National Park), and back in the day he was required to fix a gap in the shark netting. Blind as a bat without his glasses, he managed to dive down and secure the net by feel. Getting back to dry land, bystanders helpfully pointed out that he’d secured the net with a shark INSIDE.


Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House (map) Facilities: Lordly manor, tea rooms. To be honest, I’m not sure you can swim here, it being the front garden of a historic house and all…

Fun Fact: “Its builder, William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872) is known today as one of our early colonial statesmen. His sense of place in society was undermined by illegitimacy and convict associations.”


Parsley Bay

Parsley Bay (map) Facilities: Children’s playground, kiosk, bushwalking trail

Fun Fact: There be dragons!

Doyles - overrated food, but amazing view.

Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay (map) Facilities: Pub, cafe, restaurant, ferry wharf

Fun Fact: There’s a pub. Pub’s are fun!


Camp Cove

Camp Cove (map) Facilities: Shark net, kiosk, access to Sydney Harbour National Park

Fun fact: Camp Cove is (probably) the site of the first European landfall in Sydney Harbour. Captain Phillip’s exploratory party stayed here for a night when they first entered the harbour.

Teenage boys, don't get excited. The only people on the beach are middle aged men.

Path to Lady Bay... if that's your bag.

Bonus Beach: not pictured, but if you follow the path that leads from this end of Camp Cove, you can take a walking tour of the headland and get to the hilariously named Lady Bay beach.

Fun fact: it’s a nudist beach, popular with Sydney’s gay community.

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