Good News in Sydney

Clover wins. Photo wins. Coincidence? I think not.

Clover Moore has successfully defended her position as Sydney’s lord mayor, frustrating the efforts of the major parties and media mouthpieces to oust her. This is a Good Thing. While the O’Farrell state government, and roads minister Duncan Gay (Don’t snigger children, lots of people are called Duncan!) threaten to tear up cycle-ways despite their own findings that they don’t cause congestion, at least the City of Sydney will be led by a team committed to protecting and improving Sydney’s cycle-friendliness (Stop laughing up the back!)

I’d like to think I played some small part in this pro-velo victory. The shot above was picked up and re-posted by City of Sydney in the run up to the election, Clover went on to win, and that shot won a Bicycling Australia photo comp. Win-win, literally.

So, good news all round then! In other good news: I just got engaged. Yes, bicycles were involved, and thank you to the passing dragon boat crew training at Balmain who witnessed the moment and gave us a cheer. And an even bigger thank you to Rozelle-based jeweller and sculptor Robert Young who is creating a custom ring for us, and patiently explaining why my design suggestions won’t really work. This is one of his pieces, used for the proposal…

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