Festive 500 Failure


Happy Festivus to you all! Hopefully all your grievances got a good airing and you demonstrated your strength ‘neath the unadorned aluminium pole. Failing that, I hope you made a better show of it in the Rapha Festive 500 than I did.

Sure I could blame the excesses of the silly season, the fact there was a family member in the hospital, or the mundane requirement of going to work throughout… but the real reason I scored a big fat donut was that familiar and frustrating message: ‘Device Not Found’  Damn you Garmin and Strava demons! Look, I know it’s my fault for running an outdated mac, and never being able to find the correct, Garmin-approved usb cable (seriously, how different can they be?) but I thought all these gadgets were meant to make life simpler! 

That said, even if I had logged my rides I don’t think I’d have climbed off the bottom of the ladder. Apart from the short daily commute to work – crossing the harbour bridge is still the highlight of my working day, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that view – the bike was left largely ignored and I wouldn’t have even made the first 100km of the challenge. A miserable failure when I had grand plans to clock up a century on each of the non-working days. Nevertheless, it was a Rapha-filled festive season, thanks to the unfortunate closure of Woolloomooloo’s Sable & Argent, who made plenty of Sydney cyclists happy with their fire sale.

Well, at least the failure makes it easy to decide on a new year’s resolution for 2013… ride more! And get a new computer.

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