Newcastle Overnight ALSO on November 16

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As if Rapha’s Supercross in Sydney Park wasn’t enough bike-based fun for one day, the second Newcastle Overnight will be run the same night. Which begs one question: can you do both?

The Newcastle Overnight is Sydney’s answer to the Dunwich Dynamo, a turn up and ride midsummer event from London to the coast, which has become an institution on the London cycling calendar. In the same vein, turn up at Observatory Hill, pick up a map, and head off with other people who think riding their bikes a very long way through the night sounds like a good way to spend the weekend.

The organisers have put up this route to Newcastle, and have even arranged a few prizes. Not for speed, but for the lanterne rouge, and for people who enter into the spirit of the ride by helping others out, or ride something ridiculous.

With the Supercross scheduled to finish at 3pm and the Newcastle Overnight rolling out from Observatory Hill at 9pm there should be plenty of time to change out of your fancy dress costume, and maybe even have a nap. Probably best to steer clear of the beer tent during the day.

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