Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! or Magellan Cyclo GPS!

Sydney. On a bike.

Sydney. On a bike.

This has to be one of my favourite ride shots: nothing particularly special about the taking, just grabbed the smartphone and shot from the hip (ok, saddle – don’t try that at home kids). No time spent planning it or composing it, just a quick click as my buddy and I swung under the bridge after a morning spent riding along the coast under Sydney’s glorious winter sunshine.

Thanks to this photo, I’ve been lucky enough to win sydneycycleways‘ #spectacularsydney photo competition, and will soon get my hands on one of the new Magellan Cyclo GPS units. I can’t wait to give it a try: with routes from Bicycling Australia, a ‘surprise me’ feature to suggest new routes, and OpenStreetMap maps pre-loaded, I think I may have finally found the answer to my mapping prayers. As someone who enjoys turning down an unknown street and getting lost, and likes to head off on audax rides in parts unknown, I’ve been finding my way around by Garmin for a long time now (since the days when the Edge 605 was the bee’s knees), but always found that it would direct me onto busy major roads. It sounds like the Cyclo has been designed just for me! Stay tuned for a head-to-head review…

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