Sydney Rides Festival


Spring is sprung, which means a lot of Sydneysiders have come out of hibernation and the City of Sydney is doing its best to convince them to get on a bike. (even though the city’s bike lanes are still an un-connected mess of green paint thanks to the NSW government’s “Stop the Bikes” policy).

As well as the usual  Ride2Work day (woo hoo! Free coffee and tune up!) and Spring Cycle (a rare opportunity to ride across the bridge on the tarmac) , the festival program includes bike dating, a series of bike-mechanic workshops, and even a hill race competition, to give all the MAMILs a chance to show off their shiny bikes and hairless calves.


Festive 500 Failure


Happy Festivus to you all! Hopefully all your grievances got a good airing and you demonstrated your strength ‘neath the unadorned aluminium pole. Failing that, I hope you made a better show of it in the Rapha Festive 500 than I did.

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Newcastle Overnight: Sydney’s Answer to the Dunwich Dynamo

Noticed the flyers around advertising the ‘Newcastle Overnight‘ lately? Wondering what it’s about, or if you should give it a try this Saturday?  Continue reading

Good News in Sydney

Clover wins. Photo wins. Coincidence? I think not.

Clover Moore has successfully defended her position as Sydney’s lord mayor, frustrating the efforts of the major parties and media mouthpieces to oust her. This is a Good Thing. Continue reading

Strava: Motivator or Murderer?


If you haven’t heard of the activity logging app Strava, you must be living under a rock. A big rock that blocks GPS reception.

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5 Lessons from 30daysofbiking

It’s been a few weeks now since 30daysofbiking wrapped up, so perhaps it’s time to look back on the experience and the lessons learnt… Continue reading

5 Reasons to Love the Garage Sale Trail

Trash? Or Treasure?

Last weekend was a special opportunity for those who have lots of junk lying around, or  just like a bargain. I fell into the former category, and used the Garage Sale Trail as an opportunity to rid myself of the aforementioned junk. Sure, garage sales have been around since… well, garages, but the Garage Sale Trail by simply getting people to hold them on the same day becomes so much more – whole suburbs turn into markets for the day! Whether you want to offload your trash, or find some treasure, here are five reasons you should get involved next year.

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