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5 Lessons from 30daysofbiking

It’s been a few weeks now since 30daysofbiking wrapped up, so perhaps it’s time to look back on the experience and the lessons learnt… Continue reading


30daysofbiking Days 29 – 30

What little motivation that remained barely got me to the finish, with various bits of life getting in the way of a decent ride. To top it off, uploading photos seems to be impossible… don’t worry, they were rubbish anyway.

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30daysofbiking Day 28


Blackwattle Bay

30daysofbiking Days 25 to 27


Motivation for riding and photography is running low, with just the token commute rides getting me on the bike. So here are some unexpected bikes I’ve spotted around town.

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30daysofbiking Day 24


another sunset.

30daysofbiking Day 23


Sometimes the peak hour commute home is a pleasure.

But not often.

30daysofbiking Day 22


Another night ride

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