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Deus Swap Meet: Bike Bits & Bargains

Bikes, parts, and clothes were on offerSaturday’s swap meet at Deus was just too tempting for me, and although I swore I was only going to have a look, I left with my pockets severely lightened. The event had a great atmosphere attracting bike obsessives and casual perusers alike. As well as the promised market of peoples’ spare frames and parts, retailers like Clarence St Cyclery also had a stand selling off marked down stock, and Deus themselves were hocking a whole bunch of last seasons clothing range. In the street they were also discounting their real product – custom built motorbikes. But most onlookers were more interested in the fixie riders performing stunts.

In the yard, the real crowd pleaser was definitely the roller-race set up. Pairs of riders were pitted against each other in a 500m sprint on the fuji track bikes. The crowd really got into it – even though you’re essentially watching two dials move around on a screen, it’s surprisingly gripping. The roller racing revival is alive and well in London, could it take off in Sydney too?


Bike Swap Meets: Deus vs Sable & Argent Sat 24th July

I’ve heard good things about Deus Ex Machina’s non-motorised products (and their coffee!), and Woolloomooloo’s Sable and Argent is also generating a lot of buzz. Sadly their prices (or more importantly, my poor income) tend to leave them in the ‘look longingly’ category, rather than places I would actually go to buy gear. But this Saturday both of them open their doors to bike parts scavengers for their regular swap meets. For Deus, it’s swap meet number 5, with roller comps and prizes, and for S&A it’s part of the Woolloomooloo Festival on Wheels in partnership with Monstrosity gallery – art and bikes, bikes as art. Or just a great excuse to go and have a sticky beak at Sydney’s fixie crowd and hopefully pick up a bargain.

Bike Swap meets at Deus (Parramatta Rd, 10-4) and Sable and Argent (Bourke St, 10-6) this Saturday 24th July.

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