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Lazy Susan @ Notes Newtown

What a blast from the past! A lot of my youth was misspent at the bars in and around Sydney University, and one of my fondest memories was seeing Lazy Susan play at Manning. Whaddyamean “who?” Lazy Susan – of course you remember them! The Sydney band with beautifully crafted and wistfully melancholic pop songs about life, love and disgraced chess champions! Not to mention the genius of the lyrical paradox inherent in singing “No one ever says Reykjavik in a song…”

Anyway, it turns out they’re launching their fourth album Places That Made Us at Notes in Newtown tonight, one of several ‘cabaret style’ venues offering live performance and table-dining that have sprung up while I was away. Should be fun – a stroll down memory lane while checking out the new venue.

Lazy Susan launch their new CD @ Notes Newtown on Friday 30th July (tix from $15ish)


Cabaret. So Hot Right Now.

Everything old is new again. Thanks to a performer friend in London, I was introduced to its cabaret and burlesque scene and enjoyed seeing everything from tassle wearing beauties to an accordion-playing alien performing ‘Creep’. It’s debaucherous, ridiculous fun, and when done well, has a satirical bite to it that makes you stop and think while ogling/laughing.

It seems it’s all happening here in Sydney too. The Sydney Opera House is even getting in on the act – their house cabaret season seems a bit more upmarket (and tamer) than the London version, but Tim Rogers’ show on the seven deadly sins sounds, dare I say it… tempting. The SOH clearly won’t be offering the same ‘swinging-from-the-chandeliers’ vibe of say, the Boom Boom Club, but it should be fun.

Tim Rogers plays the Opera House Studio July 28-3, with other acts on the House Cabaret lineup continuing into August. Ticket prices vary.

Is cabaret in Sydney alive and well? Or is this a one-off? If you know of other cabaret venues/clubs/acts, let me know in the comments!

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